NSW Cuboree 2020 Cancelled

With significant and persistent concerns over bushfires, road closures and air quality due to the NSW bushfire crisis, Cuboree 2020 has been cancelled and will not proceed.

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Our Budget - A Guideline for Stakeholders

Cuboree 2020 is a State-wide major event aimed at the Cub Scout Section running in January 2020. The event aims to attract over 4,500 Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Leaders and Parent Helpers for a five day standing camp of high end activities. 

This sheet outlines our budget commitments. The Budget is created and owned by the Cuboree Executive Committee, reviewed and approved by the State Finance Committee and NSW Board and monitored by the Event Steering Committee. 

Overall aim 

The Cuboree is a self-funding activity. The costs of the activity are covered by fees paid by the participants. The event is designed to be attractive, affordable and accessible. Budgets are set to deliver on operational plans. 


A comparison of other similar and non-similar youth activities available in the Summer Holidays helped to determine the fair market value of the event. There is a cost per Cub attending. Adults and Junior Service Leaders attending pay 50% of that fee, recognising their commitment to assist at the event, but also ensuring their basic costs are covered. The fee amounts and payment terms are outlined on the Cuboree Website, supported by this document. 

The event organising team also strives to advise families and Scout Groups on ways to assist with financial support, including ideas for local fund raising and information about hardship or inclusive participation funds that may be available for individuals. All fees are payable by the family of participants. 

We have estimated the number of participants based on previous experiences at Cuborees and Jamborees. The number of participants is used to calculate the total funds available. The event receives around $1.4 million. 


Expenses are managed by each Directorate within a budget established at the beginning of the event. This budget is based on how we intend to operate the event, restricted by the amount of income expected.  

For the 2020 event, a significant additional budget has been made available for program activities. We expect to raise the bar of activities available, offering a unique participation program based on the Cub Section youth program. We aim to control costs by  

  • Careful and transparent competitive tendering for services; 
  • Accurate, timely and pro-active financial control; 
  • Seeking sponsors and discounts for services. 

Our financial control practices encourage directorates to spend their full budget to make the event better. There is not an expectation of a large surplus from this event - all monies received need to be spent on the participants who have paid them. 


A small amount of additional income is generated by the sale of branded merchandise before and during the event. In 2020, a more clear approach to pocket money for participants will be introduced, including a cashless-society approach. 


The event must break even. A small amount of surplus is returned to Scouts NSW in recognition of their support of the event. Scouts NSW underwrite the event and therefore carry the risk of any deficit or the benefit of any surplus. 


If you have any questions regarding our budget, you are welcome to contact the event's Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Support Admin & Finance Director or the Chief Director here.