Bump In Schedule

With significant and persistent concerns over bushfires, road closures and air quality due to the NSW bushfire crisis, Cuboree 2020 has been cancelled and will not proceed.

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Cuboree open times and travel arrangements 

Members of the Cuboree organising team  should refer to the detailed bump in guide available on SharePoint for details of pre and post event access to the site. This guide is for participants. 

The NSW Cuboree 2020 runs from Sunday 5th January 2020 to Thursday 9th January 2020. 

Participants from Sydney North, Greater Western Sydney, South Metropolitan, Hume and South Coast and Tablelands Regions will be arriving in the morning of SUNDAY 5th JANUARY. Your coach departure from home will be scheduled in October but will have you arriving onsite before lunch. 

Participants from country Regions – The Golden West, Riverina, North West, North Coast and Hunter & Coastal Regions – will be arriving after 6pm on SATURDAY 4th JANUARY to ensure travel is during daylight hours and everyone is on site to start activities on Sunday afternoon. 

The opening ceremony starts at 7pm on Sunday 5th January. (Activities will run before that time). 

All participants will leave site on THURSDAY 9th JANUARY by lunch time. Departure times will be scheduled in October to ensure the most economical use of vehicles. 

The closing ceremony is at 7pm on Wednesday 8th January. 

All Cubs are required to travel on the organised and approved Cuboree coaches.  

International and Inter-State visitors will be contacted to discuss suitable travel arrangements. 

Independent Travel for Leaders 

Line Leaders, Service Leaders and Junior Service Leaders that are required to be on site before and after the coach times may apply for Independent Travel.  

Line Leaders (those coming in to set up or break down camp for the Cub Scouts) will not be permitted on site until Friday 3 January and must leave site by Friday 10 January. Please indicate on your registration form that this is your preferred option and we will complete the approval. 

Service Leaders and Junior Service Leaders must refer to their responsible Director regarding pre- and post- event access and stays. You will not be granted entry to site unless it has been pre-approved by your Directorate. Managers and Directors can refer to the guidance in SharePoint regarding this process.  

Independent Travel for Cubs 

Cubs must travel on the arranged and approved Cuboree coaches. For various reasons, we are often asked to make alternative arrangements, for example a family holiday on the South Coast just before the event or an unavoidable overseas trip that misses the coach departures. We aim to be helpful and flexible in arranging alternative travel arrangements, which has been highly successful in the past. Please let us know in your registration process by selecting "independent travel" and adding some notes. We will get back to you with suggestions and alternatives. 


There is no visitors day or activity for NSW Cuboree 2020.