The following fees apply to participants of the NSW Cuboree 2020. 



1 June 2019 

1 October 2019 

Eligible Cub Scouts 




Eligible Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and approved Helpers 





What’s included in the Total Fee  

  •          4 days of activities and entertainment on-site
  •          Coach travel to and from the Cuboree from within NSW.
  •          All meals for the duration of the Cuboree.
  •          Cuboree polo shirt, Cuboree hat and lanyard. 

Other Costs 

A requirement of attendance at Cuboree is to attend a Pre-Cuboree weekend camp in term 4 2019. This will be arranged at a local level by the leaders of your local Group. The cost of the camp will be additional to the fees above. 


Your local Group may also wish to organise a common activity T-shirt or similar merchandise which may have an additional cost to participants. 


There will be official Cuboree merchandise to purchase before and during the event. We will have a cashless payment system at Cuboree where participants can pre-pay a pocket money allowance to our account and spend using their ID card on site. We recommend an average of $30 pocket money is loaded, but you can review the available merchandise online prior to the event and decide your own limit. You can also add additional funds to the account during the event. Scouts and Venturers will have access to a limited range of snack items and soft drinks for purchase, but Cub Scouts do not have access to these facilities and are not permitted to buy additional items outside of the included food and provisions. 


General Terms and Conditions 

The law of the event is the Scout Law. I agree that I will live by the Scout Law throughout my participation in the event. When I made my promise as a member of Scouts or when I signed to become a registered helper with Scouts, I agreed to live by the law and the Scouts NSW Code of Conduct. 

Withdrawals and refunds 

If after making application, you are unable to attend the Cuboree, you must advise the event administrators as soon as possible.  A withdrawal form will then be made available to you. Withdrawals Fees will apply as follows: 

Written Notification of withdrawal received 

Withdrawal Fee  

On or before 31st July 2019 

$25.00 Admin fee 

On or before 1st October 

50% of the total fee 

On or after 1 October 2019 

No refund 

Please note that there is no option to substitute an applicant.   

The event reserves the right to refuse any application, in which case a full refund will be made. 

Medical Consent 

I acknowledge that this activity will involve inherent and obvious risks. I  authorise any officer, member, servant or agent of The Scout Association of Australia, New South Wales Branch, in the event of any accident or illness to obtain such urgent medical assistance or treatment for the above named participant, including the administration of any anaesthetic or blood transfusion as he or she may consider expedient and for this purpose to engage any first aiders, ambulance officers, doctors, dentists, nursing assistance or hospital accommodation and in this event I agree to pay the said Association on demand all such doctors', dentists', nurses', ambulance and hospital fees (other than fees and expenses recoverable by the said Association under any policy of insurance).