Registration Process For Non-Member-Adults

Cuboree AR 106This document outlines the registration processes for NSW Cuboree 2020 for participants over the age of 18, who reside in NSW and are not current members of Scouts NSW.

This applies to NSW residents including parents/carers/relatives attending with a family member/contractors and any person aged over 18 that will be staying on site during the event.

All NSW residents aged over 18, including Rover Scouts and Venturer Scouts, must have provided and recorded a valid and verified Working With Children Check (WWCC) clearance.

It is expected that most adults will be linked to a recognised New South Wales Group/Formation and will be treated as a member of that Group for organisational purposes.

Terms, conditions and requirements

Each NSW resident over the age of 18 must be a current, verified member of Scouts NSW in order to participate in the event. Scouts NSW has a category of temporary membership known as “Adult Helper” which applies to non-members attending major events. You must become a Scouts NSW Adult Helper before your registration can be approved.

Details of how to become an Adult Helper are available on the Scouts NSW website:

This process can take several weeks and includes applying for a NSW Government Working With Children Check, completing an application form for Scouts and completing two modules of our eLearning program. This is mostly an online process and will cost you nothing other than investing a little time in completing the steps.

You are welcome to register for the event online, but your registration will not be finalised until you have completed the process and received your Scouts NSW membership number.  You must also have completed all required training.

Your Adult Helper membership will last beyond Cuboree, allowing you to attend other local Group activities for the rest of the year if you wish. You will be automatically linked to your local Group unless you indicate otherwise.

Please note, as a condition of entry to the event, it is also an expectation of Scouts NSW that all participants agree to abide by both the Scouts NSW Code of Conduct and Ethics and the Scouts NSW Child Protection Policy and Procedure .  These can be found on the Scouts NSW website:

Please ensure you have read and familiarised yourself with these documents.


Once you receive a Scouts NSW membership number, you will pay the same fees and have the same terms and conditions of participation as any other adult member.

Registration Process

Parents, carers and relatives who do not yet have a Scouts NSW membership number can continue to use the same registration process as other participants with a membership number, however:

  • When asked for your NSW Scouts Membership Number, please enter "Pending”.
  • When asked for your Home Group, please select the Group that has invited you to participate.
  • If you are an adult aged over 18, you will be asked to provide (and where necessary apply for) a valid Working With Children Check number .  Scouts NSW will verify this number with the Office of the Children’s Guardian as part of your membership application. Where you do not yet have a number, please enter "Pending” for all required fields until you have received the number. You will need to amend your application to include a valid WWCC before your application can be finalised.

Contractors and day visitors will be provided with a separate process for registration.  Please contact the Cuboree 2020 Admin Team where this category applies to you.