36 Cub Scouts, 6 Unit Leaders and 3 Unit Helpers will camp together in a campsite of approximately 200 square metres. All accommodating is camping under canvas. Scouts NSW policy and rules relating to separate sleeping quarters for adults and youth, males and females apply. The Units will form part of a Sub Camp with up to 40 other Units.

Each Unit is responsible for fully equipping their own site to include:

  • Adequate sleeping tents to comply with Scouts NSW policy and rules. Preferably tents that allow the occupants to stand upright. 
  • A covered dining area large enough to seat the entire Unit in one sitting for meals or activities 
  • A kitchen shelter equipped to cater for the entire Unit, store kitchen utensils and a day's supply of food 
  • Campsite services such as a BBQ, water storage/disposal systems, hand and dish washing facilities, rubbish handling, perimeter fence and camping gear store. 

A suggested equipment list will be made available to Unit Leaders at the Unit Co-ordinators day in May 2023. 

Permanent toilets are available on each site, so Units may not establish toilet facilities on their Unit Sites. 

Units should design and build a suitable gateway that includes a clear sign showing their Pack number. There will be a gateway competition (details to follow)