NSW Cuboree 2020 Cancelled

With significant and persistent concerns over bushfires, road closures and air quality due to the NSW bushfire crisis, Cuboree 2020 has been cancelled and will not proceed.

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1st NSW Cuboree 2003

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Transport Updates

On this page, we will be posting regular updates in regards to coach journeys to Cuboree (inbound) and back home from Cuboree (outbound).

Our timetable is complete and we we have communicated with Pack Co-ordinators, Coach Captains and direct with participants. You should have received a personalised email with the contact details for your Coach Captain and confirmation details.


This facility will help you find out your travel information. All times are now available.


Click here to Lauch the Journey Checker 


18 December

Full details of all journeys are now set and communicated.

10 November

Most participants leave home on Tuesday 3rd January to arrive in time to get settled before dinner and Opening Ceremony.

Participants from the following locations will be departing on Monday 2nd January and will arrive that evening to avoid our coaches driving on dangerous country roads at night:

North Coast  Ballina, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie (and all points in between)

North West   Glen Innes (Moree/Inverell), Armidale, Tamworth (and all points in between)

Golden West   Dubbo, Orange, Wellington, Mudgee, Kandos, Bathurst

Riverina   Hay, Leeton, Wagga Wagga (West Wyalong and surrounds), Albury & surrounds, Gundagai


When will the Pack Co-ordinators/Coach Captains/RC CS/Participants know their departure points and times?
RCCS will be informed first and then Pack Co-ordinators and Coach Captains. Finally everyone will receive a personalised email. This will not be until November 2016. All PUDOs are not confirmed and communicated.

Will the coaches have seatbelts?

Will all the coaches for a Region leave from the same place?
No. Coaches will be localised where possible to make it convenient for the majority of travellers using the route. Locations with less than 10 passengers are unlikely to have a dedicated stop.

Why do we have to leave so early/late?
It all comes down to being cost effective. We use a coach company that is based in Newcastle. Newcastle, the Hunter, Central Coast and north to Taree are local to the starting / ending point of the coaches. To make the best use of driver’s hours and coach operations, we use each vehicle at least twice if we can. In order to deliver everyone to Cuboree before dinner, we have to start early. That generally means passengers local to Newcastle will be the first to leave home and the last to arrive home again. Sydney metro and the Illawarra and Southern Highlands are closest to Cataract and they will also be in at least the second wave of pick ups – therefore last to leave home and first to arrive back again. This is unavoidable without raising the cost of Cuboree significantly, but should not be an issue for anyone – those coming from Riverina, North West, North Coast, Golden West and far South Coast generally travel for 8 – 11 hours… so city dwellers really need to count themselves lucky! Country passengers will generally be the first to leave home, last to arrive at camp, last to leave camp and definitely the last to arrive home!

What time will journeys start and end?
We aim to have everyone on site between 8am and 3pm. Given the FAQ above, that will mean some 6am departures for Newcastle and Hunter areas. There are no formal activities on site on bump in day, so your arrival time should not be a concern.

What if I don’t want to come on a coach?
Independent Travel requests are now CLOSED. Requests for independent travel of youth members (including Scouts and Venturers) will be declined. The Cuboree starts and ends on the coach. Youth members are not permitted on site before the first coach or after the last coach.

Will my entire Pack be on the same coach?
Where possible, yes. Our first cut of coach allocations considered Pack allocations. Again, cost efficiency is important. Most Packs are around 48 people and most coaches have 53 seats! By the time you have added in Scouts, Venturers and Service Leaders and taken out advance party and rearguard party, there are empty seats on every  coach. Popular departure points will see some Packs spread across a number of coaches. We also take into account where the nearest departure point to the participants home will be, their home Pack, family links and special needs. It’s a complicated jig saw and some Packs will always be split.

Will there be toilets on the coach?
The best answer is no! Of course, many modern coaches have toilet facilities, but their use is at the discretion of the driver and they are intended for emergency use only. Work on the basis you won’t have a toilet and if you have one and a nice driver… all will be good!

Will we stop for lunch and toilets?
This depends on the length of your journey. Journeys of more than 3 hours will have at least one comfort break.  Location and length of breaks is negotiated between the coach driver and the Coach Captain. All coaches have a timetable they must stick to.

Who can I contact about travel arrangements?

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the fastest response.

There are a number of things you will need to bring with you on the bus on the way to CUBOREE. 


What to wear? Everyone should be seen in his or her full uniform traveling to CUBOREE 2017, you will be able to change once you get to Cuboree. You will receive a specially designed Cuboree T shirt and the latest in sun safe fashion your colour-coded hat to complement your outfits each day.

A small backpack would make a nice accessory to your uniform and in your backpack you should have 

  • A snack for that long or short ride to the camp. Lunch will be supplied on your arrival.
  • A FULL water bottle to quench that thirst, as there is no bar service on the bus. 
  • Some reading material or a quiet game just in case you get bored, which I'm sure you won't. 
  • A small soft cuddly toy to keep you company along the way. 
  • A small plastic bag, you don't know if that packed lunch will travel as well as you do. 
  • Cub scouts who are travelling longer distances should ask their Pack Coordinator what they are doing for meals on the way. They are not included in the Cuboree fee.


For your traveling pleasure, each bus will have a Coach Captain. Before boarding the bus you will need to present yourself to the Coach Captain so they know you are on board.

If you need Medication at Cuboree please make sure you hand it and your clear instructions along with any other necessary paperwork to your Pack Co-ordinator for safe keeping. Please LABEL EVERYTHING CLEARLY WITH NAME, DOSAGE AND TIMES REQUIRED, as we don't want the wrong passengers getting the wrong medication. 


As there will be limited luggage space on the bus, it would be a good idea to have all your gear inside your bag. It must be clearly marked with your name, as so many bags all look the same. Please remember that you will have to carry your own luggage. 

Thank you for travelling to Myths and Legends Cuboree 2017.

Last update: Saturday 19th November, 2016
Next expected update:  
Monday 2nd January, 2017


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